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The Big Feast 2023: Saturday 26 August

The Big Feast 2023: Saturday 26 August

The Big Feast is Back!

We’re bringing the delicious mix of FREE* performance, music and dance back to the streets of the city centre (Hanley). Come along on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 August from 11am to 5pm and dig in! To see the map and full schedule for both days, take a look at the brochure. And don’t miss the exhibitions and workshops that you can enjoy too!


What’s #OnTheMenu for Saturday’s serving of  The Big Feast?


Ear Trumpet by Gobbledegook

Ear Trumpet is about listening. It’s about the sound under the ground. The noises that you would miss if you didn’t listen for them. A team of sonic investigators have managed to track an exceptional auditory occurrence, which they have discovered, runs under the ground. Eons worth of sound, both ancient and modern, is harmonically bound together, trapped inside our ancient rocks. Occasionally these sounds bubble up and erupt to the surface.

Outside Potteries Museum and Art Gallery | 11am – 1pm | 2.30pm – 4.30pm


UNBOXED by Linden Dance Company

UNBOXED is an explosive outdoor duet in which the dancers set themselves in opposition to two giant wooden cubes in a physical representation of their battle with prejudice and judgment. The toxicity of the subject matter reverberates in the pulsing soundtrack and the performers’ athletic physicality which draws on Afro-fusion and Contemporary movement styles.

Fountain Square Stage | 11am – 11.30am | 12.30pm – 1pm


Workshop: Make your own carnival costume with Kwanzaa Collective UK*

Join Kwanzaa Collective artists and Deb Rogers of the Cultural Sisters to make your own costume in this fun, family friendly Carnival Arts workshop. Then at 3pm wear it to the LEGACY Parade!

Fountain Square Stage | 11am – 1pm


Carpeters by 16rpm

Hard up, tired out, worn down. In search of a celebrity, a party, an opening night. Confused, disorientated, they find a way. Rolling out a bold red line of chaos and confusion.

Piccadilly (Roaming) | 11.15am – 11.45am | 1.15pm – 1.45pm | 3.30pm – 4pm


Circus Flavours presented by Upswing and New Vic Theatre

Have you ever dreamt of joining the circus? Now you can! Watch daring acts performed by some of the UK’s most talented circus artists then have a go yourself in the workshop. Workshops are are taught on an aerial hoop and are suitable for ages 7+.

Bethesda Gardens | Performances: 11.15 – 11.35am, 2.15 – 2.35pm & 4.10 – 4.30pm Workshops: 11.45am – 12.30pm &| 2.45 – 3.30pm


Falconry Dismay by Dizzy O’Dare

Showcasing the extraordinary talents of three majestic birds of prey and their expert handler, you will belly laugh through the raucous, anarchic and wild ride that is Falconry Dismay.

Outside Halifax | 11.30am – 12pm | 1.30pm – 2pm


Hippochondriac by Thingumajig Theatre

Part animal and part mechanical, Hieronymus the hippo is feeling under the weather. Fortunately, his companion doctor/mechanic is only too eager to show you what’s under the bonnet and diagnose the problem. What follows is an array of puppet shows built into the troubled creature revealing the origin of his malaise.

Piccadilly | 11.30am – 12.10pm | 1.30pm – 2.10pm | 3pm – 3.40pm



A melting pot of UK club music and the carnivals of Northeast Brazil–Katumba Drumming & Movement create an explosion of rhythmic revelry described by onlookers as ‘hypnotic’, ‘transfixing’ and ‘empowering’, with Brazilian drums, spectacular choreography and a colossal sound setting streets and stages ablaze!

Blue Clock | 1pm – 1.30pm

Fountain Square Stage | 3.25pm – 3.55pm


Timeless by Joli Vyann

Timeless is about the passing of time and the danger that we are literally running out of it. Joli Vyann use their unique daredevil style of dance, circus and theatre on a 7m high rotating hourglass, to tell the poignant story of civilisation’s fragile relationship with climate change.

Outside Potteries Museum and Art Gallery | 1pm – 1.30pm | 3.30pm – 4pm


LEGACY: Performance with Kwanzaa Collective UK*

Traditional Caribbean folk singing with Aunty Ange and sunshine sound s with a steelpan.

Fountain Square Stage | 2-3pm


LEGACY Parade with Kwanzaa Collective UK*

Join the parade led by Global Grove’s, Kaya the Caribbean Queen featuring clothing inspired by traditional Carnival characters from Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados. At the museum, why not visit the Ode to Nana exhibition showcasing more from LEGACY: A Windrush 75 Programme.

Fountain Square to Potteries Museum & Art Gallery| 3 – 3.20pm

*PLUS PUNK ALLEY – a special ticketed performance taking place at Mitchell Arts Centre on Saturday. Tickets are free to book on Eventbrite and you can donate what you decide or are able to at the show.

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All daytime performances are family friendly and wheelchair accessible. For more information you can visit:

  • Looking for Friday 25?
  • Get the brochure
  • The Big Feast: Access Edition page
  • The Big Feast FAQ page
  • Talk to the Appetite event team on the day at the Appetite HQ gazebo or look for the blue t-shirts
  • Planning your visit to the Big Feast? We’ve got itineraries to help you make the most of your visit, whether it’s your first time, you’re having some family time or visiting with friends, there’s something for everyone!


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Fri 25 August & Sat 26 August | 10am to 5pm