Appetite is a Creative People and Places programme with a mission to get more people in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme to experience and be inspired by the arts.

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The image shows a collage of four images. The largest image on the right is of a group of adults and children sat around a table in Newcastle Common. They are using colourful pens to decorate pebbles. An Appetite volunteer wearing a blue hoodie is stood up near to the table. The bottom right-hand corner of the image shows the Newcastle Common logo. The second image on the top left shows an Appetite volunteer wearing a blue hoodie. They are helping two people who are sat at a table using paints and pens. The third image shows two pairs of hands using paints to decorate a pebble on a grey tablecloth. The third image shows the outside of Newcastle Common. It is dark outside, but the inside of the shop is lit up and there are people inside. There is an adult and a child stood in the doorway holding the door to go inside. There are two adults stood by the window.

Newcastle Common

Come along to Appetite’s Newcastle Common; a place for crafting, creativity and comfort in the centre of Newcastle Town where…

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The image shows a performer sat in a wheelbarrow on the left of the photograph. Curving around to the right are lots of people sat on the grass and standing up watching the performer. It seems a sunny day in a park, though there are dark clouds overhead. Trees can be seen in the background.

Appetite Ambassador Scheme

Are you on the lookout for what’s on and what’s good in the area? Do you enjoy attending events? Enjoy…