The Three Counties Exhibition – Audience Choice Award 2021: Cast Your Vote!

Three Counties Open Art Exhibition

Welcome to the vote!

You will find below 21 artworks selected by the Appetite Supper Club for the Three Counties Open Art Exhibition Audience Choice Award, sponsored and delivered by Appetite. Take a look through the gallery and vote via the form below. You can also cast your vote here. Why not explore the Three Counties Exhibition virtual gallery, which you can visit here.

Voting is open from Saturday 31 July until Monday 6 September. The winner will be announced on Friday 10 September across Appetite social media.

The Three Counties Audience Choice Award: Shortlisted Artworks

Here are the details of the works can be found below:

‘Dawn-Jutton_Spodetrace#8640’ by Dawn Jutton 

“‘Spode traces’ comes from a series of images taken on the Spode site that explores the nooks and crannies of forgotten spaces and speaks about loss.”

‘We Moved Like Shadows’ by Doug Blanks

“An interest in art means you see things you might not otherwise have noticed. Standing in a queue outside The Van Gogh Museum I noticed this interesting lighting effect so did a quick pencil sketch. I painted the picture when I got home in Stafford thinking that the unusual lighting, kind of, matched the strange days we were living through.”

‘Pickup’ by Geoff Archer

“I am interested in the contrasts between old and new, growth and decay, the natural and the man-made, and between illusion and reality.”

‘Let Them Eat Pizza’ by Gillie Nicholls
“This work is in response to the wholly inadequate food parcels that were presented to children eligible for free school meals during the Covid lockdown in January 2021.”
‘Tranquillity in lockdown’ by Lesley Howse
“This painting illustrates the tranquillity to be found in the natural world even during the nightmare of Covid and lockdown. The path represents the route to inner calm, regardless of what is happening in the outside world.”
‘Sophie – Filled with Wonder!’ by Tina Rogers
“Sophie is my friend’s little 8 year old girl and she is interested in everything. A few months back she was in the garden with her mum at night looking at the moon close to Saturn and Jupiter, her expression was so delightful that I felt real joy painting her face coming out of the darkness like a burst of wonder!”
‘One Worm or Two’ by Wendy Irwin
“Since becoming a grandparent I now have some different pictures to create. This is my Grandson, I picture him up a tree talking to the birds and stealing their worms!”
‘Lockdown blues’ by Catherine Doel
“This self portrait, one of very few pictures created in lockdown, is intended to capture the irony and sadness of that situation.”
‘Lockdown Family’ by Alexander Nicholson-Ward


‘Back Lane, Silverdale’ by Caroline Baggaley
“This was conceived in the first lockdown of 2020. It is of a simple, common hedgerow alongside a walk that I would regularly take along side a fairly busy road (Cemetery Rd Silverdale). There was hardly any traffic during the lockdown and the silence was almost tangible! I really starting noticing the humble hedgerow and it’s vivid greenness and layers of wildflowers and weeds. I was born in Silverdale and so maybe this had extra resonance for me.”
‘1955 – Welcome to England’ by Clive Wilson
“This painting is loosely based on a black and white image from the 1950’s of a newly arrived West Indian immigrant to the UK. I have tried to reflect the swirling emotions he must have felt. A mixture of sadness for the loved ones left behind, bewilderment at the strange surroundings, fear of the unknown but with hope for a new and brighter future.”
‘Wonk’ by Daisy Martha Baker
‘Skyscape’ by Fay Rowe
“This painting is the memory of a spectacular sunset I had seen reflected in the sea. I love the freedom of using watercolour to display these feelings and reactions to a theme. I try to allow the medium itself to develop and enhance the subject on the paper, without the use of restricting sketching of outlines and details.”
‘Shadow Tree Sphere’ by Jake Hall
“For this photograph I balanced a lens ball on my tripod to achieve this effect. Removing any evidence of the tripod and creating a darker scene hopefully displays a final image which captures this tunnel of trees within a sphere or bubble.”
‘Canal Cruising Co’ by Noel Bennett 
“More recently I have drifted away from traditional techniques and gone for a more contemporary, impressionistic approach, which stop me from getting caught up in detail, allowing me to be free. Canal Cruising Co, located along the Trent & Mersey Canal, is on my regular dog walk in and around Stone. Photographed by myself in all lighting conditions, seasons and weathers, it inspired me to paint.”
‘Double tap to like’ by Peter Davis
“I am fascinated with the speed of change brought about by technology, how it effects our lives and our behaviours. In the last 15 years smartphones have become integral to our way of life – seeing people connected to their devices 24/7 is so common that we don’t give it a second thought anymore. Personal technology is blurring our physical and digital worlds and making us fundamentally rethink what it means to be human. My paintings hold a mirror up to what we have become and give us clues to what might lie ahead.”
‘joyride’ by Philip Dare
‘PrideCelebration’ by Philip Hardaker
‘High Lane Esoteric’ by Russell Gregory
“I’ve lived in Stoke-On-Trent for the largest part of my life. I will never leave. It’s sweet sense of post industrial drift has become my fuel.”
‘The Library’ by Ruth Tucker
“The Library is part of a series of pictures illustrating a fictional castle and the labyrinth of rooms inside. This picture shows one of the many book filled rooms in the castle. The towering piles of books show the personality of the unknown owner of the castle who has filled their world with stories and knowledge drawn from these books while escaping from reality. Hidden within the picture for the observer to find are dice, cards, goblets, coins and a crystal ball all of which represents traits of the resident.”
‘Life Support-Raised Bed’ by Steve Sutton 
“This drawing is part of a current major series of works entitled “Life Support”. It includes drawings and sculptural installation work on the theme of climate change and sustainability. This drawing comments on the interdependence of humans and nature which is essential to sustain life on the planet.”


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