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GAME at Newcastle Common

GAME at Newcastle Common

GAME on!

Time to get your ‘A’ game on as celebrated comedy duo Hunt & Darton take over Appetite’s Newcastle Common and turn it into … a game shop!

Get ready for amazing, analogue fun as we ditch the devices to bring you all your favourite family games including:

🧁 ‘Not’ The Great British Bake Off

🕵️ Scavenger hunt

🕹️ DIY arcade experience

Come join in the fun

Come and sample some FREE fun suitable for everyone in the first big event at the all-new Newcastle Common!

We are open for antics on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 December from 11am – 3pm.

Find us at 2-3 Lancaster Buildings, Newcastle ST5 1PG (in what used to be the Thomas Cook travel shop opposite the Guildhall and Boots).

Throughout the day you can expect:


Get yourself some PLAY tickets (win or purchase) and get involved in our DIY Arcade. Enjoy, spin offs of much loved retro arcade games. H&D GAME brings you The Real Fruit Machine, Whack-a-Pineapple, and not Zoltar but They Speak, a slightly less enthused fortune teller. Good luck!


Challenge Hunt (reigning Snap champion) or each other to multitude of card games.

TEA & BISCUITS (and prize) BAR

Yorkshire, Double Bourbon! Born of Kids Business Longton enjoy the return of the Tea & Biscuit Bar with a Christmas twist because its Christmas. Also, exchange your WIN tickets for prizes.


A local scavenger hunt with some unlikely and Christmassy items.


Christmas DJing throughout from the H&D team. Because its Christmas!

A timetable of the day: 


A massive, communal, classic, chocolate game! Roll a six, put on the hat, gloves, scarf, pick up the cutlery and try and eat as much chocolate piece by piece as you can. Someone else rolls a six then its their turn whether you got a piece or not!


Mimicking the much loved TV show but with zero baking skill required. Join a team to create a conceptual sugar sandwich. A plethora of ingredients are provided for you and your team to create your masterpiece. The ‘not bakes’ then go through rigorous judging before the winner is revealed and rewarded.


Join a super long production line to make a cake together. Maybe you are responsible for the sprinkles, the jam, the next sponge layer or the coveted squirty cream. Commentated and jeered by the H&D team to make sure that cake is built with speed and love. Then we all get to eat it!

LUNGE OFF | 2.50pm 

Join the ring for, not a dance off, but a lunge off. Go head to head to perform the ‘best’ lunge, not necessarily the biggest, or lowest but most stylish and unique! No lunging ability or experience required.

Coming to Newcastle Common

You can find parking information for Newcastle town centre on the borough council website. There are also a handful of accessible spaces on Merrial Street, and in front of the Art of Siam restaurant on the High Street.

There is one small step into Newcastle Common, though we do have an access ramp that can be used. Once inside, Newcastle Common is on one level and is fully accessible.

The closest public toilets are by the bus station, and there is a Changing Places toilet at Newcastle Library, in Castle House – both within two- or three-minute walk.

General information about Newcastle Common can be found in this Easy Read Word document or Easy Read PDF.

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Date & Time

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 December | 11am to 3pm