Calling d/Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent artists!

The image is taken inside with a dark background and looks like it is on a stage. It looks like the stage is lit with red lights. The image captures a group of six performers, three at the front, three at the back, all with outstretched arms and looking like they are singing. They are all looking towards the left, out of shot where the audience must be. The performers are wearing different brightly coloured clothing and leather jackets, dresses or tops. The central performer is using a wheelchair and is wearing black leather trousers, a black jacket and a green top.

Appetite is working with FRONTLINEdance to support the programming of more d/Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent artists, and is excited to advertise the following opportunities:


The image is taken outside and shows six performers dancing. They are standing in a clear space, there is an old looking building to the left of the image, with a more modern building in the background straight ahead that has signs on it that say ‘Tinsdills’. The performers are in a row. The are all holding a cup and a saucer in each hand with the cup being held higher and over the saucer. Some are looking straight ahead, some are looking at the cup. The performer on the far left is using a wheelchair. They are wearing a green and yellow patterned dress. They have no hair. The next three performers are wearing black trousers with braces, white shirts and yellow and purple stripped ties. The first two performers look like they have long hair which is tied back. The third performer has shoulder length hair which is going over their face. The next performer is wearing a blue patterned dress with a brown belt. They have short blond hair. The performer on the far right is wearing a pink knee length skirt and short sleaved pink and white patterned top.
Frock by Stopgap Dance Company, The Big Feast 2022. Photo credit: Jenny Harper

The Big Feast 2024

In January, Appetite’s Supper Club will meet to start work on the menu for 2024’s the Big Feast: the 10th Edition. They may also consider work for other events we’re co-programming across the spring and summer of 2024.

We are looking for work that is ready to go and set up for touring.

To express interest: please send images, video and a short description of the work with any tour packs, fees and on-costs to

Deadline: Sunday 7 January 2024

For any help or queries: or phone 01782 357389. (Please note the Appetite team will be on a Christmas break from Thursday 21 December – Thursday 4 January)


The image is taken outside. It looks like a sunny day. The flooring in the foreground is paved, there is a black railing in the background with some union jack flags hanging from it and beyond that grass and a tree can be seen, with a large building in the far distance.At the centre of the image two performers are sat on a bench. The one on the left has longish hair that is curled and is wearing a green dress that comes below their knees. They are wearing brown heeled shoes. On the dress are orange cuffs on the sleeves that finish just below their elbows, an orange below and orange scarf around their neck. This performing is looking at the second performer. Their hands are on their knees and feet firmly placed on the floor. The second performer is smiling and looking at the other performer. They are sitting right next to them on the bench with hands on their knees and feet firmly on the floor. They are wearing light brown trousers, a white shirt with purple tie and orange tank top over the top. They have black socks on and brown shoes. To the left of the bench is a wheelchair and behind that the edge of a gazebo can be seen.
We Meet Again by ID Dance Co, Dancing through the Decades 2022. Photo credit: Andrew Billington Photography

Residency or project space within Appetite’s Newcastle Common

We have run a number of residencies and standalone projects for our project in a formerly empty shop in Newcastle-under-Lyme town centre. They can run over two days, two weeks or a month. We’re interested in receiving proposals for a paid residency or project for the shop space and connecting with town centre visitors. We’d also like to connect a residency for #FAF2024 programme in March – so would be looking for a specific residency for two weeks connected to the programme.

To apply: Either send no more than two pages of A4 saying what you’d like to do, or a short video to

Deadline: Sunday 7 January 2024

For any help or queries: or phone 01782 357389. (Please note the Appetite team will be on a Christmas break from Thursday 21 December – Thursday 4 January)


The image shows eleven performers dancing outside on a stage. The tops of two audience members heads are just visible. You cannot see all of the performers clearly as they are dancing and some are behind others. Most of the performers are wearing blue jeans with a yellow T-shirt. Two performers are wearing orange trousers with a green, orange, yellow and pink stripped long sleeve shirt. A building can be seen in the background with the sign ‘Lloyds’ at the top of the building on the right hand side.
Connecting Communities by FRONLINEdance, The Big Feast 2023. Photo credit: Jenny Harper

FRONTLINEdance’s #FAF2024

Appetite will be supporting FRONTLINEdance’s #FAF2024 “What’s All The FAF About?” programme. We’ll be working together to produce an exciting platform to showcase and platform the work of d/DEAF, disabled and neurodivergent Independent Artists & Companies. #FAF2024 will be offering commissions to make new work or develop existing work, share work, pitch and network, and be on the symposium discussion panel.

Please email to find out how to apply.

Deadline: Sunday 17 December 2023 

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