Become a Community Builder during Imagine Bamboo at Keele University!

A group of people sit on grass outdoors building a bamboo arch

Imagine Bamboo at the Bamboo Summit 2022


Want to get involved in a huge experiment? Enjoy working with other people? Have some free time to volunteer in March?

Appetite, ArtsKeele and Imagineer are working with a whole host of experts to build a giant bamboo arch swing! Made from UK-grown borinda bamboo the arch will be built and raised over four days. If all goes to plan, on Saturday 18 March people can come along from 11am-2pm to have a swing from it! This impressive experiment will take place outdoors at Keele University campus during their Green Festival.

Starting on Tuesday 14 March, there will be three days of building with a 6-metre-high arch being raised and tested on Friday. If all goes to plan, on Saturday 18 March members of the public and a circus performer will be able to swing from it!

Before any of this can happen, we need small teams of volunteers to come along and help prepare the bamboo for construction. Are YOU interested in being part of the world-class team working to showcase bamboo as an upcoming sustainable building material? All you need to get involved are:

–             Two free hours to be on campus on one of the three build days

–             General hand strength in order to tie bamboo bundles

–             Willingness to work outside

–             Enthusiasm!

We are also looking for people to help raise the arch on Friday. The venue is fully wheelchair accessible and we’ll provide refreshments.

Interested? Great – book on and we’ll see you there!


Find out more about the event here


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